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Snow Removal in Markham

It’s always exciting to see the glistening cover of fresh snowfall on Markham’s streets. However, the novelty quickly wears off for property owners, who must bring out the shovels, salt, and equipment soon after a storm. You don’t have to face the worst part of winter alone – our teams at Yard Smart are experts at snow removal in Markham.

You don’t have to worry about irregular snow removal or subpar service when you work with Yard Smart. Our teams have the training and equipment to tackle either large and small snow removal jobs, and we offer reasonable pricing options and friendly customer service. For affordable and professional snow removal in Markham, please contact Yard Smart today.

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We Serve All Types Of Clients in Markham

Whether you own a home or business property, you have a responsibility towards patrons and family members to keep them safe. Snow and sleet are some of the most dangerous byproducts of the Markham winter, causing hundreds of injuries every year. With multiple snowfall events, accumulating snow becomes more challenging to remove and also increases accidents.

Most municipalities impose fines on those who fail to keep their part of the sidewalk and the paths leading to their properties clear of snow. When you have limited time or multiple properties, snow removal becomes an overwhelming task and one that you cannot take on alone.

At Yard Smart, we offer professional commercial and residential snow removal in Markham to keep your property clear from snow. With knowledgeable crews, the right snow gear, and a thorough approach, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your space snow-free during the freezing Markham winter.  

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Why Choose Us in Markham

Keeping a property clear of snow doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. Home and business owners are responsible for clearing the snow near their doors and driveways to prevent accidents. Failure to do so leads to fines and also increases the risk of slips and falls due to freezing temperatures. Let us help you keep your property clear of snow this winter!


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One factor that separates us from a standard snow removal service is speed and efficiency. When storm season arrives, we monitor the weather forecast 24/7 and keep our teams on standby to be there before the worst happens. No matter what time the storm hits, we ensure that your sidewalk is clear before you wake up.

If you become a seasonal member, your snow removal coverage starts from the first time it snows. Our crews never cut corners, and we will clear every area that your family or patrons are likely to step. In just a few hours, your sidewalk or driveway will be ready for use and will get a fresh coating of salt to keep it from becoming slippery again.

Forget about unprofessional snow removal crews that perform sub-par work. Contact our experts at Yard Smart to see the difference that our snow removal service makes when the storms start rolling in.

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    Removing snow from your property prevents patrons and family members from slipping and falling. However, that’s not the only reason why it’s better to hire a service.

    Shoveling and snow removal can be a strenuous activity that isn’t suitable for everyone Thousands of people harm themselves every year while shoveling snow.

    Our crews have the training, tools, and safeguards to work on your property safely. Depending on the type of storm and the amount of snowfall, we use multiple snow removal tools and assign crew sizes based on the job. Crew and customer safety is our top priority, and we take every measure to ensure their well-being.

    Don’t risk your health and safety by taking on a large snow removal job yourself. Call Yard Smart today for safe and effective snow removal in Markham.

    It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right lawn service


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    Is it expensive to hire a snow removal service?

    It depends on the type of service you are opting for and the size of your property. If you have a small home or area to clear, you may not need a removal service more than twice during the winter season. If you have a large house or a business property, it is more cost-effective to hire a company with subscription options.

    At Yard Smart, we offer flexible payment options and a free cost estimate before you commit. If you want more information on pricing plans, send us a message today.

    Do you offer payment options?

    We offer different payment options that we hope will work for all property owners. If you have a one-time need for snow removal, you can hire us for a single job. We also offer flat-rate options and a seasonal contract if you have a larger property.

    We are flexible because our customers have different needs. Don’t get stuck with a seasonal contract that doesn’t give you the coverage you need. Call us today to discuss your pricing options and receive a free quote.  

    Will I get a fine if I don’t remove snow on my property?

    Yes, property owners risk receiving a fine in Markham if they do not remove snow from around their properties. Besides the fine, leaving snow increases the chance of someone slipping and falling, which may cause patrons to avoid your business altogether.

    Our crews remove snow before your patrons visit your establishment, and we will have your driveway ready before you wake up to go to work. With our commitment to making your life more convenient, you never have to worry about a fine or someone slipping when you work with Yard Smart.

    Is subscribing to a snow removal service worth it?

    If you need extensive snow removal services, an on-demand call is not cost-effective in the long run. When you subscribe to a service, the responsibility of clearing your sidewalk space and paths no longer falls on you—it becomes ours. Additionally, when you pay one fee for the seasonal service, you won’t have to overspend on multiple visits.

    A subscription gives you consistency, and you will always know who to ask to speak with if you have questions. With a contract, crews have more accountability, and you can always request additional services as you need it, with no additional fees. The only time a snow removal service would not be worth it is if you didn’t have a repeated or constant need for crews to clear your property.

    If you’re unsure what the best option is for you, call our experts at Yard Smart. We’ll go over your choices with you and help you select the best plan that fits your property type and needs.

    You can enjoy the snow once again and never have to worry about shoveling when you work with our crew. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and price quote for snow removal in Markham, Ontario.


    Work with a trusted and insured snow removal company

    Many property owners avoid hiring professional snow removal services in Markham because they are unsure of their liability if an accident happens. While it is rare for companies not to insure their crews, local impromptu snow removal teams don’t have coverage. If you hire these crews, you may face legal complications later on.

    Don’t risk hiring a crew that doesn’t have the right insurance requirements. Call our professionals at Yard Smart for your peace of mind.
    While we thoroughly train our teams and equip them with professional materials, no process is foolproof. Each member of our team has workplace injury insurance coverage through the WSIB in case the worst happens. In the unlikely event that an accident does happen, you won’t have to worry about the insurance implications when you choose Yard Smart.