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Snow Removal in Mississauga

Although some people prefer tackling a snow removal job alone, hiring a professional snow removal service in Mississauga is a must for more extensive, complex jobs or for those who don’t want to risk their health by shoveling snow.

At Yard Smart, we help Mississauga residents clear their sidewalks and driveways from snow and ice that accumulates and later becomes a problem to remove. Using modern, powerful tools that make the removal process more manageable, our crews have the training and equipment to take on any job, no matter the property type.

We prepare for the winter months and ensure that you receive coverage from Day One. For professional and speedy snow removal in Mississauga, please call our crew at Yard Smart.

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We Serve All Types Of Clients in Mississauga

By law, homeowners are responsible for removing the snow that accumulates on your part of the sidewalk. Many Mississauga residents know how frustrating it is to walk on an icy sidewalk, especially with pets, young children, or the elderly. One fall can lead to a doctor’s visit or even hospitalization in extreme cases. To keep people safe when they walk past your home, shoveling and de-icing are a must.

For business owners, failure to remove snow from the path that leads to the front of the establishment will lead to legal trouble. Other than the safety risk, dirty snow piles are unpleasant to look at and are inconvenient for your customers. Visitors may well avoid your establishment because of the lack of adequate snow removal.

If you are a property owner and need sidewalk snow removal, our teams are here to help. With Yard Smart, you will never have to worry about clearing your sidewalk and making it safe for both patrons and your family to use.

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With snowfall accumulations of up to 295mm in some areas, you undoubtedly need to start preparing to keep your property clear of snow and ice for the coming season. For professional and speedy snow removal in Mississauga, call our crew at Yard Smart.


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Whether your car is snowed-in or you cannot leave your garage due to the snow that’s blocking the driveway, our crews have you covered. We will get to work freeing your vehicle from the snow and preventing it from sustaining damage while also getting to work on your driveway.

After we remove the excess snow, we’ll de-ice your property with eco-friendly salt to prevent ice accumulation. Clearing a driveway from snow is one of the hardest parts of snow removal on a property, especially if the drive holds multiple vehicles. With our expert crews ready to start from the day it snows, you can relax and enjoy your morning coffee while we do the dirty work.

No matter the size of your driveway or property type, we bring the experience and equipment to perform expert snow removal in Mississauga.

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    We understand that the biggest concern for property owners when it comes to hiring a snow removal service is cost. While that is a valid concern, you don’t have to worry about vague pricing or surprise costs when you work with Yard Smart. We offer pricing options that suit your individual needs, and we’re happy to go over the choice that works best for you.

    Our first option is the flat-rate fee. You pay one price for a bundle of services that we agree to perform. Our second option is a one-time call. If you only need our services for one day, we are happy to show up to your property and take care of the job. Our third option is a seasonal contract, perfect for commercial property owners who have large areas they need to keep consistently clear.

    For more information about your pricing options and the cost of snow removal in Mississauga, please call yard Smart today to discuss our payment plans.

    It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right lawn service


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    Why should I hire a snow removal service?

    Three reasons to hire a service for snow removal in Mississauga include safety, liability, and looks.

    The first is safety. Clearing your home or business property from snow keeps people from slipping and falling. Furthermore, you protect yourself from sustaining an injury if you usually remove the snow yourself. Thousands of people injure themselves every year while removing snow. A professional snow removal service manages the hard work for you and prevents you from hurting yourself.

    The second reason is to avoid liability. If a person slips on your property, even if it is the mail carrier delivering a package to your home, you may face legal repercussions. A snow removal service keeps your property clear and protects you from a lawsuit.

    The third reason is to keep your business and home aesthetically pleasing. Dirty patches of snow littering your property’s exterior make it look drab and unsightly.

    Are your crews insured?

    Yes, at Yard Smart, we fully insure every member of our crew before they take on a job. The safety of our teams is essential to us, and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that they stay safe on the job. From providing them with the right equipment to training them on the most effective and safest snow removal methods, we don’t cut corners when it comes to safety.

    If you require proof of insurance, we are happy to provide full documentation before we begin.

    Is a snow removal service contract expensive?

    The price of a snow removal service contract ultimately depends on your property’s size and the type of work that it needs. With our free cost estimate, we guarantee that our methodology is transparent and that we won’t surprise you with hidden costs down the line. Since each job is different, we encourage you to give us a call to determine the price of your snow removal job.

    Do I need to be on my property when your crew arrives?

    You do not need to be on your property when our crew arrives. Depending on the agreement we make with you, your presence is not necessary to keep your home or business property safe when you are away. No matter where you are, we are always on time and will keep your driveway and sidewalk clear until you come back home.

    Don’t let the stress of a snowfall prevent you from enjoying the beauty of winter. Let us deal with the harsh byproducts of the Mississauga snow season, and rest assured that you have a team of professionals by your side. For a free estimate and more information about our services, call us at Yard Smart today for a consultation.


    Fast, efficient & powerful snow removal service

    In cases with extreme snowfall, a regular snow removal technique will take too much time and won’t make much of a difference. That’s when snow plows and snow blowers come in. Fast, efficient, and powerful, snow plows remove large volumes of snow from your property in minutes without the hassle. If you need a snow plowing service, call our team at Yard Smart.

    We use modern snow plows that effectively remove snow from your property and keep it safe and clear of hazards. After we finish plowing, we salt the area thoroughly to ensure that ice doesn’t form on the path. Snow plowing is a breeze when you work with Yard Smart. We provide cost-effective options for both residential and commercial property owners with large areas of snow that they need to clear.

    Unsure whether your job needs a snow plow or blower? Call us today for a free consultation, and we’ll help you choose the option that’s most suitable for your snow removal needs.