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Snow Removal in Richmond Hill

Among the many benefits of choosing Yard Smart is that we offer a free quote for our services. We are among the best-priced snow removal services, but we still want to give you an upfront cost before we begin.

Requesting a quote is a straightforward process. All you need to do is complete the online form, and then a member of our experienced staff will reach out to you. If you would prefer to get your quote over the phone, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We know that everyone has a busy schedule, so we do our best to make the quote process painless. Once we’ve gathered the information we need from you, we’ll quote you a flat rate for the season or for a one-time visit—no hidden fees for you to worry about.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right lawn service

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We Serve All Types Of Clients in Richmond Hill

Whether we have a massive snowstorm or just some light snowfall, Yard Smart will take care of it for you. You have various service packages to choose from, and we will not change your pricing based on how much snow falls.

Yard Smart has a wide range of equipment to suit any job you may have for us. We use snowplows, blowers, and shovels, depending on the job. More than likely, we’ll use a combination to provide you with a quick, reliable service. These tools are a huge benefit because it enables us to move quickly through your yard while doing the job thoroughly.

We do our best to keep our pricing fair, and you can count on us sticking to our quotes. We also handle most things to do with ice—like ice storms, flash freezes, and freezing rain. Our flat rates include any ice we may find that has formed underneath the snow.

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Why Choose Us in Richmond Hill

Yard Smart provides 32 cities in the Greater Toronto Area with quick, high-quality services. Our friendly team gets high ratings not only for our snow removals but because we provide fair pricing to all of our customers. We are an integrity-driven, relationship-based company that does our best to give our customers a trusted friend when it comes to yard maintenance in all seasons.


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We Want You to Stay Safe

When dealing with ice and snow, you have to be very careful. As you know, at times, ice freezes under the snow, which can create hazardous conditions if you don’t know how to handle it properly. If you are unaware that you are standing on ice when shoveling snow, you might slip and injure yourself. We’ve talked to many homeowners who ended up with ice-related severe injuries.

Yard Smart of Richmond Hill wants to ensure your safety by taking care of any ice we find hidden beneath the snow in your yard. We include this service with typical snow removal. Here at Yard Smart, we are fully equipped to handle whatever situations may arise.

We encourage you to maintain your safety from the comfort of your home while we handle the snow outside. If any needed tasks ever arise that we haven’t included in your pricing quote beyond what we had discussed, we’ll alert you to them and give you an estimate upfront to allow you to decide if you want us to take care of them.

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    Yard Smart is here to help you save time and money. When you are only using a shovel, clearing the snow that fell the night before can be time-consuming. Whether you are spending your weekends, mornings, or evenings doing it, you are still sacrificing time that you might better spend with friends or family.

    We save you the time of having to do it, as well as saving you money. We save you money by offering flat-rate services, and we help you avoid any fines that you might get from the city for not shovelling the snow on your sidewalk.

    Would you prefer to wake up an extra hour or so early to shovel the snow in your yard before going to work—or would you love to sleep in for that extra hour and save your energy and your aching back? Most people would rather stay another hour in bed and leave their homes to find their walkways and driveways already cleared. We can be your snow-removal fairies, clearing your snow while you sleep.

    It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right lawn service


    Everything About Lawn Care in Richmond Hill

    Can I request one-time services from Yard Smart?
    Yes, Yard Smart offers a variety of packages. You can use us as an on-demand service or as a contracted service for the full season. Whether you are going out of town for a week, a weekend, or are travelling for the entire winter season, we can provide you with a great package to fulfill your needs without breaking the bank. We are flexible, so give us a call.
    How much will snow removal cost?
    Our rates often vary based on many factors. The size of your property and the number of times you want us to come out are a few of those factors. Each customer has individual needs, and we want to do everything we can to fulfill them. We offer flat seasonal rates, short-term rates, and one-time rates.

    We do our best to give you a flat rate for the job, rather than an hourly rate, regardless of the length of time we provide services to you. If we find anything that may be an additional charge, we inform you immediately. We are transparent with our prices, and we will keep you informed along the way.

    What is the minimum amount of snowfall that you come out to clear?
    Yard Smart will come out for any snowfall, even as little as one centimetre. We are reliable and will arrive at to your property on time, if not early, to clear any snow that has fallen. We also provide services for any ice issues that may occur. This includes ice storms, frozen rain, and any ice that may have formed beneath the snow on your property.
    Do You Only Provide Services To Residential Customers?
    No, we offer both residential and commercial services. Many business owners don’t know that it is their municipal responsibility to clear out the snow from in front of their business. The property that your business is on may be much larger than your residential property. Our team is equipped with equipment to clear large areas quickly.

    Whether you own a business or own a home, you are still at risk of being fined for the snowfall on your sidewalks. Yard Smart can regularly take care of your residential or commercial property to avoid fines and save you some time.

    Does Yard Smart have insurance?
    Yes, Yard Smart has general liability insurance for all ice and snow removal. Our staff is covered for workplace injuries with the Workplace Insurance & Safety Board. We can provide any proof of insurance upon request.

    You can be confident with Yard Smart as part of your yard maintenance team. Please call us today! We serve Richmond Hill and many other communities in the Greater Toronto Area.


    Fast, efficient & powerful snow removal service

    All seasons are unpredictable, especially winter. Meteorologists can make predictions, but no one knows exactly how much snow will fall each day in our Canadian winters. Don’t get caught unprepared the next time you get a huge snow in Richmond Hill!

    Call Yard Smart to be the snow removal company that removes one gigantic stressor of your winter season. We can clear your property regularly, whenever it snows, or only when there’s a big storm, and you’re not up to the gruelling task. The frequency is up to you.

    Our company began 40 years ago when Matt Higgons and a friend started their first lawn mowing job. Since then, Yard Smart has expanded across Ontario. We strive to provide the most benefits for our customers that we can—and we always do so with smiles on our faces.