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Snow Removal in Toronto

Yard Smart offers reliable residential and commercial snow removal in Toronto. As a local business, we understand how bad your driveway or parking lot can get during a heavy snowfall. Our removal options let you choose the best way to keep your family or employees safe and mobile, so you’ll all have a better chance of staying on schedule.

Our Yard Smart team has access to the best equipment available, allowing us to deliver quick, efficient service to the Toronto area. Whether you just need someone to clear away some snow while you’re on vacation or you want us to dig you out all winter, our experts are ready to help. Contact us before the snow squalls start to make sure your home or business is ready for the cold months ahead.

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We Serve All Types Of Clients in Toronto

Our northern winters drop too much snow to manage the old-fashioned way. Trying to clear your driveway with a simple shovel is bound to put more of a dent in you than the drifts. Let our workers take over the job with state-of-the-art snowplows so you can watch in comfort from your couch.

We’ll work with you to find the best place to deposit the snow that we remove. Our goal is to refrain from disturbing your landscaping or blocking any area that you need cleared for reasons of access or safety. By first discussing your needs, we remain a top choice for snow removal among Toronto customers.

Yard Smart offers the following snow and ice removal services: ice prevention, ice removal, salting, snow shoveling, snow plowing, snow hauling and stacking.

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Why You Should Hire Us for Snow Removal in Toronto

Our nation is known for its snow, so it stands to reason that you have an overabundance of choices when it comes to removal services. While we may be biased in thinking we’re the best, we believe you’ll agree with us for the following reasons:

  • We’re reliable – Our trucks and plows are in great shape and we’re quick to fix problems when they arise. You therefore don’t have to worry about us missing a storm due to a broken-down vehicle. So many Toronto snow removal companies are willing to leave you hanging while they service one of their trucks, but you can count on us to be there every time.
  • We’re experienced – We’ve spent years working for our Greater Toronto Area neighbors, and we hire staff with previous landscaping experience. Those with less experience work with team members until we’re sure they’re competent to handle a job on their own. We want to make sure that the job is done right, and if you’re at all dissatisfied, we will always fix the problem.
  • We’re organized – Our management team plans out the routes ahead of time to ensure that our plow workers can make the best use of their time. We also employ efficient office workers to keep accurate records of customer and billing information. Our company’s first priority is providing you with superior service in every way we can.

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    With a bevy of loyal customers, our service slots fill up fast. Signing up before November helps ensure you get a spot on our list. Don’t let snow or ice keep you from conducting business or getting the kids off to school. Call our team today to beat the winter weather.

    At Yard Smart, we offer friendly and reliable service to our neighbors in the local Greater Toronto area. Take back your mornings and weekends by letting us do the heavy lifting. Our team is standing by at 647-696-6168 to discuss your options and relieve some of your property-related stress.

    Still have questions? Our FAQ may provide the answers you need.

    It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right lawn service


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    What do I need to know before hiring a snow removal company?

    Businesses providing snow removal in Toronto offer varying prices, contracts, and equipment, and not all of them will meet your individual needs. When choosing a team to keep your family and your business running, it’s imperative that they be both reliable and budget-friendly.

    Our Yard Smart team takes pride in meeting a variety of budgets by offering both one-time and continuous service plans. We’re ready to step in as soon as the snow reaches 5 cm and come back during lengthy storms if required to keep your parking areas, walkways, and entryways clear.

    Do you offer snow removal services on weekends/holidays?

    You can rely on Yard Smart to be there any day of the week and under almost any weather conditions, even on holidays. We’re not satisfied until all of our residential and commercial customers have safe stairs, walkways, parking lots, and driveways that are free of snow. And our emergency services ensure that you won’t end up stranded if you need to quickly leave your workplace or home.

    What happens if there’s a vehicle in my driveway or parking lot when you come to clear the snow?

    While a parked car may limit the amount of snow that Yard Smart can move, it won’t keep us from doing the best job that we can. Our team will remove as much snow as possible, working around any parked vehicles to provide safe and easy access. Any property that cannot be completely cleared due to obstruction will be noted and returned to later once the vehicle has been moved.

    Is snow removal in Toronto expensive?

    At Yard Smart, we strive to make our prices affordable. The exact cost of services, however, depends on several things. Seasonal contracts and short-term or one-time service agreements obviously have different prices, and costs will also vary due to property size.

    To make things easier, we provide free estimates to all of our potential customers. All you have to do is give us a call. We’ll take a look at the area that you need cleared and provide a breakdown of the cost with no hidden fees.

    Does Yard Smart have insurance?

    Yes, we do. Our company stays up to date with our general liability insurance for all ice and snow removal. We also insure our staff through the WSIB for any possible workplace injuries. Feel free to request proof of coverage at any time; we’re happy to oblige.

    Commercial Services

    Commercial snow removal service in Toronto

    We understand that prompt removal of accumulating snow is imperative for your business. It’s your job to keep the area clear so customers and employees remain safe. Snow removal can also prevent building damage and ensure that you don’t face fines from the city for dangerous sidewalks and parking areas.

    It’s near impossible to keep your commercial property completely free of ice and snow without a professional’s help. Trying to manage it yourself can lead to slippery buildups and lawsuits from injured parties. When you hire Yard Smart, a team of experts will be on site to clear up every time it snows, so you can handle running your business without worrying about upkeep.

    At Yard Smart, we take care of your snow and ice problems using the following tools:

    • Snowplows
    • Snow blowers
    • Sharp-bladed shovels
    • Skid loaders
    • Salt spreaders