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Snow Removal in Vaughan

It’s easy to underestimate the value of professional snow removal in Vaughan. After all, you could hire the neighbor’s kid to shovel your walk for mere pennies, right? But the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to winter cleanup.

While anybody can offer snow removal, not everyone is good at it. In order to get to work on time and ensure that your children have a safe commute to school, it’s imperative that your cleanup crew be reliable, efficient, and responsive. And having the best tools for the job is an absolute must.

When it comes to keeping your family safe and mobile, the cheapest option just won’t do. That’s why we at Yard Smart pride ourselves in providing not only top-notch service but also peace of mind. Our team offers the following promises to meet your snow removal needs.

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We Serve All Types Of Clients in Vaughan

Our team is made up of experts well-versed in the particular challenges of snow removal in the Vaughan area. We hire experienced workers and provide additional training and mentoring until we’re sure they’re ready to handle a job on their own. In doing so, we ensure that the job will be done right the first time, every time, and be over with quickly so you can go about your day without worry. And in the rare instance that you’re unsatisfied, we’ll go the extra mile to make it right.

The speed of the job isn’t the only important time-related consideration. It’s also important to have a service ready to dig you out in time for your morning routine in the event of heavy snowfall. We make the necessary effort of talking and listening to our customers to ensure we’re both clear on how the contract will meet your needs.

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Why Choose Us in Vaughan

When you live this far up north, snowfall is inevitable, but storms themselves can be unpredictable. Yard Smart minimizes the chance of chaos by having a plan in place for every property on our route. Settling for anything less for snow removal in Vaughan is unthinkable.


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We Want You to Stay Safe

Maintaining the safety of your property is much more urgent than caring for your lawn. While Yard Smart doubles as a landscaping company, we understand that these services come with a different set of rules. Due to the importance of keeping up with Canada’s infamous winter weather, communication is key.

A neglected lawn, beyond being an eyesore to you and your neighbors, is unlikely to seriously affect a property owner in any way. We know, however, that an unplowed driveway could affect both your employment and your children’s education. The worst mistakes made by other snow removal services are not showing up and not following up. At Yard Smart, we promise to remain communicative about every detail of your contract from start to finish.

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    Why settle for a company that prioritizes speed over quality when you can have both? Our workers efficiently remove all traces of slippery ice and snow from your driveway or walkway and work with you to deposit it in a safe area. Ill-placed snowdrifts can destroy plant life, and if they melt in close proximity to your foundation, they can cause water damage to your property as well.

    When you live this far up north, snowfall is inevitable, but storms themselves can be unpredictable. Yard Smart minimizes the chance of chaos by having a plan in place for every property on our route. Settling for anything less for snow removal in Vaughan is unthinkable.

    It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right lawn service


    Everything About Lawn Care in Vaughan

    How much will professional snow removal cost me?

    While hiring Yard Smart to clear snow costs more than you’d pay the neighbor’s teenager, we strive to remain an affordable option. Customers can choose between seasonal flat-rate contracts, short-term service agreements, or a one-time removal service.

    We can’t provide a definitive answer here because the actual cost of the project will depend on the size and accessibility of your property. To make things easier, however, we provide free estimates for any potential customer after viewing the area that you need to be cleared. Call us today to set up a meeting.

    Can the city fine me for a snowy walkway/driveway/sidewalk?

    Many municipalities hold homeowners responsible for the paths around their property. If you fail to keep them clear, you could be fined.

    It’s part of our job to keep up with the laws of every local municipality. With that knowledge in mind, we can offer case-specific advice. Call us to find out more.

    For what conditions/times/days are you available?

    Our Yard Smart team is on the job as soon as snowfall reaches 5 cm. If the storm continues, we’ll return throughout the day to keep your space free from accumulation. You can count on us to be there when you need us.

    We know that storms don’t follow a set schedule, so we’re available both day and night on any day of the week. Our crew won’t rest until all of our commercial and residential customers have safe, clear stairways, walkways, parking lots, and driveways. And with holiday and emergency services, you’ll never again need to worry about becoming stranded.

    Is the vehicle in my driveway/parking lot going to be a problem?

    A car parked in your parking lot or driveway may limit how much snow we can remove, but we’ll still do our best to remove as much as we can. We’ll clear as much snow as possible around the vehicle to maintain easy access, then return if needed once the vehicle has been moved.

    Do you have insurance?

    Yes, at Yard Smart we remain current on the necessary insurance policies. We carry general liability insurance for any ice or snow removal mishaps, and we protect our workers through the WSIB in case of injury. Should you require proof of coverage, it’s available upon request.

    Never settle for a company that can’t prove that it’s insured. No matter how experienced they claim to be, accidents can and do happen. Do you really want to gamble with the cost of your car, garage door, or family medical bills?

    What equipment do you use?

    While it’s normal for each contractor to prefer different brands of equipment, any good snow removal company will have the equipment necessary to tackle any winter job. Depending on the customer’s needs and the scale of the property, proper equipment can range from shovels and snow blowers to vehicle plows and salt throwers.

    Using the best equipment does more than save us time; it guarantees reliability and saves you money. Well-maintained equipment means better property care. When each job can quickly meet our meticulous standards, we’re able to pass the savings of less working time on to you.


    Commercial snow removal service in Vaughan

    In addition to our residential services, Yard Smart also offers snow removal for commercial properties. We understand that when your business is inaccessible, you’re losing money. And icy walkways can lead to employee or customer injuries.

    Our full-service approach includes removal, hauling, de-icing, and salting to prevent the buildup of ice and snow. We also provide emergency services—all you have to do is call. Let our team of experts handle the hassle of snow removal so you can focus on more important business matters.

    Have more questions? Maybe our FAQ above will help. For anything else, contact us at 647-696-6168.